Course Highlights

  • Tiger Shark™

    Tiger Shark is a 3D manufactured titanium alloy interbody created with a proprietary organic porous structure called BioBond™. Along with the BioBond porous structure, Tiger Shark contains a generous graft window and a smooth bullet shape distal surface for fast insertion and maximum bone ingrowth surface. Tiger Shark is available in an assortment of anatomic footprints and can accommodate posterior and transforaminal placement.

  • Visual Demonstration

    Full virtual surgical technique is included in this training module to show the ease of using the system. High definition graphics show you step by step how to use the Tiger Shark system to the highest potential.

  • Test Your Knowledge

    Show us what you learned! Take the quiz to become fully certified on the Tiger Shark system!

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Tiger Shark™ Training
    • Tiger Shark™ Training
    • Tiger Shark Straight Sales Sheet
    • Tiger Shark Surgical Technique
    • Hydrophilic Tiger Shark
    • Tiger Shark Comparison Video
  • 2
    Tiger Shark Quiz
    • Tiger Shark Final

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