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  • 3D-Printed Titanium Standalone ALIF

    Harrier® SA is a 3D printed titanium, standalone, screw-based system that incorporates ChoiceSpine’s proprietary BioBond® porous structure technology designed for Anterior Lumbar lnterbody Fusion (ALIF). The system features four titanium, dual-threaded corticocancellous screws designed for lag purchase. The interbody is available in three anatomical footprints with multiple lordotic options with large graft windows. Harrier SA has an integrated cam-locking mechanism that provides visual and tactile locking confirmation. The Harrier SA System is indicated for stand-alone use. If additional fixation is desired, the system is compatible with our Raven® Anterior Lumbar Plate System.

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  • Anterior Lumbar Plate System

    The Choicespine Raven® Anterior Lumbar Plate System is a versatile system of implants and instruments designed to simplify and improve the efficiency of anterior lumbar spine fusion. The RAVEN Anterior Plate features an integrated single-step screw blocking mechanism for fast insertion and fixation to the anterior lumbar spine. Streamlined instrumentation facilitates a simplified surgical approach and ensures excellent control during the procedure. The instrumentation also allows the user to simultaneously insert the RAVEN Plate with the ChoiceSpine Harrier-sa interbody, eliminating surgical steps and reducing O.R. time.

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